Sneak Peek of Taaluma 2014

December 31, 2013

The New Year brings new adventures here at Taaluma Totes.  We are off to Southeast Asia to seek out more unique textiles from deep within the hills of Laos, to the busy markets of Indonesia, starting with Chiang Mai, Thailand!  What better way to explore new lands than to do it with a bucket list!

1.  Make a new friend

2.  Learn a language

3.  Make someone's day once a day

4.  Begin microlending in 10 new countries

5.  Live without a Car

6.  And have a Ride-An-Elephant-To-Work Day

7.  Catch dinner with the locals

8.  Ask a monk to tell us about the best day of his life

9.  Quadruple Taaluma's impact in 2014

10.  Do fish lips to a fish

11.  Perfect the one language that IS spoken around the world... Body language

12.  Weave with a Thai fabric weaver

13.  Get high fives from people who don't know what high fives are

14.  And from a gibbon

15.  Listen to silence in an ancient temple

16.  Shop like a local

17.  Learn to dance

18.  Try one new food everyday

19.  Connect the world through fabric

Lao Textiles

20.  Own only what we can carry


Here's to Feeling Good, because after all the adventures of 2014 are just around the corner!

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