Sarong...But Oh So Right!

Sarong...But Oh So Right!

Feel Good Friday

Indonesian men AND women rock fabric sarongs for every occasion.  Whether it’s for a ceremonial pig-roast, a gathering at the temple, or just another day working in the rice paddy, you can’t go sarong!

It brings a whole new meaning to getting caught in the sarong place... 

Sarong Place

at the sarong time…

Sarong Time

Because in Indonesia, two sarongs DO make a right!

Two Sarongs

With this whirlwind of sarongs throughout Indonesia, it just feels so-right to add some sarong to the Taaluma collection:

Indonesia Sarong Tote - Red  Indonesia Sarong Tote - Green

(Shop Indonesia Sarong Totes)

So here’s to feeling good this Friday—because there’s nothing sarong with that!

-Jack & Alley, Co-Founders

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