A Rwanda'ring Hero

"Kigali is a beautiful hilly city, quite green and very clean. People are super nice and eager to tell you about their history, including the genocide. Rwanda does not allow plastic bags, so, unlike other African countries, there is no plastic flying around or laying on the streets.
Rwanda also has Umuganda (Kinyarwanda word for coming together with a common purpose), the national cleanup day, which is the last Saturday of every month."
 —Isabelle S.


And while in Rwanda, Traveler Isabelle Rwandered around town to find an awesome fabric shop!

Here’s to remembering that not all who Rwander are lost & to feeling good - because after all, it’s Friday.

-the Taaluma Team

P.S. Plus an amazing story...

Isabelle visited Rwanda for more than just fabric. She worked with IOWD (International Organization for Women and Development), which focuses on providing medical care to women and children in Rwanda, especially those with genitourinary and gynecologic disorders. While there, she worked with a medical team that provided much-needed medical aid to people in the community who had been suffering for years and who were at risk of dying from their disorders. They also helped train local doctors and nurses to screen for and treat those disorders. 

BOOM, BAM, POW! Real life superheroes do exist!!

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