Israel’ly Something!

September 30, 2016

Feel Good Friday

From its saltiest of seas to its holiest of lands, this country Is-the-rael deal!  Israel is a historical masterpiece and traveler Justine decided it was time for a change of Dead Sea-nery.

Dead Sea

She was Negev’en free rein to roam far and wide…

Negev Desert

And went out on a Jerusalem-b...


In search of fabric to bring back to show-and-Tel Aviv about Israel's beauty!

Tel Aviv Fabric Shop

Bringing to you the Israel Tote (by Justine Crotts)…

Israel Tote (by Justine Crotts)

(Israel Tote by Justine Crotts)

And a few more fabrics brought back by other travelers to show that this world Israel’ly something else!

China Tote (by Alyx Bean)

(China Tote by Alyx Bean)

Hawaii Tote (by Hayley Spear)

(Hawaii Tote by Hayley Spear)

Indonesia Tote (by Sarah Harrington)

(Indonesia Tote by Sarah Harrington)

Taiwan Tote (by Yi-Wen Evans)

(Taiwan Tote by Yi-Wen Evans)

Tanzania Tote (by Kayla Griffith)

(Tanzania Tote by Kayla Griffith)

Here’s to a colorful world that Is-for-rael & to feeling good—because after all, it’s Friday!

Jack & Alley, Co-Founders

(Find fabric for your own line of totes)

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