Nepal You Need is Love!

August 04, 2017

Feel Good Friday

Traveler John spends several months each year teaching English to the monks of a Tibetan Buddhist Monastery in Nala, Nepal.

In return, the monks have opened their doors to John...

teaching him a new way of life…

and showing him that at the end of the day, Nepal you need is love!

Nepal has become a second home to John…

And the monks of the Tibetan Buddhist monastery have become his second family.

Nepalese'd at all that these men have taught him, John wanted to share a piece of their culture with you too...

Nepal Tote (by John Nesbit)

(Nepal Tote by John Nesbit)

Here’s to loving Nepal walks of life and to feeling good—because after all, it’s Friday!

-Jack & Alley, Co-Founders

PS.  Plus a few more travelers that got a Hima’lay of a different land…

Cameroon Tote (by Danielle Chambers)

(Cameroon Tote by Danielle Chambers)

Hawaii Tote (by Mandy Schlegel)

(Hawaii Tote by Mandy Schlegel)

India Tote (by Brittany Ganesan)

(India Tote by Brittany Ganesan)

Israel Tote (by Patty Hutchins)

(Israel Tote by Patty Hutchins)

Madagascar Tote (by Isabelle S.)

(Madagascar Tote by Isabelle S.)

Morocco Tote (by Juliana Cardella)

(Morocco Tote by Juliana Cardella)

Peru Tote (by Leonore Lakshmanan)

(Peru Tote by Leonore Lakshmanan)

United Arab Emirates Tote (by Twana Brooks)

(United Arab Emirates Tote by Twana Brooks)


(Find fabric on your next trip)

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