Scotland - A Fairytale in the MaKING

Scotland - A Fairytale in the MaKING

Feel Good Friday

Scotland has always been the #1 place Bryn dreamed of visiting.

(Urquhart Castle, Scotland)

As a little girl, she spent COUNTless hours caught up in princess daydreams. Now a college student, she’s fascinated by the castles’ historical architecture.  All in all, studying abroad in Scotland was a fairytale for Bryn and it was a long time in the maKING!

(Balmoral Castle, Scotland)

REIGN or shine, Scotland brought Bryn’s dreams of castle-filled hilltops to life.

(Dunnottar Castle, Scotland)

And its people KILT her with kindness each step of the way.

So Bryn came back with Scottish fabric for a line of totes...

to keep this Scottish fairytale alive:

Scotland Tote (by Bryn Kittle)

(Scotland Tote by Bryn Kittle)

HEIR’s to living out your childhood dreams and to feeling good—because after all, it's Friday!

-Jack & Alley, Co-Founders

Plus a few more totes from other travelers who found fabric to be their cup of royal’tea too…

Malaysia Tote (by Lucy Cronan)

(Malaysia Tote by Lucy Cronan)

Nepal Tote (by Faith Bowen)

(Nepal Tote by Faith Bowen)

Peru Tote (by Brendan Dunphy)

(Peru Tote by Brendan Dunphy)

Spain Tote (by Jordan Arbuckle)

(Spain Tote by Jordan Arbuckle)

Thailand Tote (by Megan Garrett)

(Thailand Tote by Megan Garrett)

Zimbabwe Tote (by Lisa Woods)

(Zimbabwe Tote by Lisa Woods)


(Find fabric on your next trip)


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