Taaluma Comm’ocean

Whale hello there! Buoy oh buoy are we excited for today...

Wondering what all the comm’ocean is about? 

We're stoked to announce that traveler edition totes are o-fish-ally back in stock on our site! 

(Traveler edition totes are made from fabric found by our awesome customers during their travels. When they travel to a new place, they find local fabric from that country, and we turn them into totes. For each tote sold, we give $10 back to them as a way of saying thanks. Cha-ching!)

Today’s fabrics were found by traveler Aaron John in Oceania (more Pacifically, the teeny-tiny countries of Tuvalu and the Marshall Islands). The patterns are so cray-sea gorgeous, you’ll have to sea them to believe it.

Shell we even attempt to describe how turtle-y awesome these fabrics are?

Thank you Aaron! These totes shorely won't disappoint! 

Here’s to sanding out from the crowd & to feeling good - because after all, it’s Friday.

-the Taaluma Team

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