The Trifecta: Three for 3

The Trifecta: Three for 3

A Taaluma Tote is more than just a backpack.
It’s an opportunity to empower small business owners around the world.
With the recent addition of three new Philippines Totes to our website, we wanted to share 3 microloans we funded this past year for small business owners in the Philippines.
The first one is Charina from Palawan, Philippines. She is a mother of 3 and she owns her own general store. We gave her a loan to buy additional items for her store like canned goods, spices, drinks, and personal care products like shampoo. 

The second one is Bernadeth who is also from Palawan, Philippines. She has 6 children and works hard every day to save enough money to send her kids to college. She owns a fish vending business, and we gave her a loan to buy much-needed supplies for her business like plastic bags and boxes.

The third one is Nancy from Southern Leyte, Philippines. She is a very hardworking entrepreneur with 2 children. She started her current business in the food production industry 4 years ago in hopes of making more income to support her family. We gave her a loan to buy ingredients that she could use to make her recipes.


Microloans like these empower individuals to improve their businesses, generate more income, and strengthen their communities. 

These three new Philippines tote lines will each fund a microloan, enabling 3 entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams. With your help, we can contribute to the economic development and self-sufficiency of 3 different communities in the Philippines, one tote at a time.


Here’s to having a three-mendous day & to feeling good - because after all, it’s Friday.

-the Taaluma Team

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