Senegal Tote (by Kirsty Buhler)

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Fabric from Dakar, Senegal brought to you by traveler Kirsty Buhler.

"Many of the Senegalese people wear traditional clothing made of so many different bright and colorful patterns! I attended a church service on Sunday morning, and most of the church members were wearing outfits made of the same material, so I asked why they all matched. I was told that at this church, they wear their matching outfits on special Sundays - it was neat to be there on a special day to be able to see this! When the time came for me to search for my fabric, I knew I wanted something bright and bold! I chose this fabric that had the yellow, red, and green incorporated because those are the colors on Senegal's flag." —Kirsty Buhler

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Kirsty Buhler:  For Kirsty, travel revolves around getting to understand how others live and adm'Ireland the new way of life. She is a huge fan of music, so finding local musicians is a must when traveling to a new place.  She collects instruments from around the world as well…and her collection of Ger'many instruments now includes a kseng kseng (type of maraca/shaker) and a djembe (type of drum) from Senegal!

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