Loans that Change Lives

February 27, 2014

Besian:  Kenyan Microloan Recipient

Meet Besian.

Besian is a Kenyan farmer.  With 5 years of farming experience, she is using her microloan to improve the upcoming season's yield.  With an increase in yield, she will use profits to grow her farming business. Her dream is to have a stable business to provide for her eight childrens' education.

"Loans that Change Lives" --KIVA

Small loans like these give impoverished people the resources they need to start and grow a business.  These entrepreneurs lift not only themselves, but their entire communities out of poverty and into a world of endless possibilities.

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Here's to Feeling Good, because after all YOUR loans are changing lives and it's Friday!



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When you give a Taaluma gift card, you send love to the person receiving the gift and also to communities all around the world.

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